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Free Active Shooter Training



Churches can be vulnerable to attacks because of their "open door" policies, outreach programs and dynamic change in society.  There are certain steps that can be taken to minimize risk, liability and becoming helpless victims.  For a LIMITED TIME, we are offering this course FREE OF CHARGE to churches and places of worship (Some restrictions apply).


This is our three hour basic course designed to teach safety teams, teachers, staff and congregants the basic skills necessary to help protect yourselves and other during an active shooter or any other dynamic situation.

Our Most Selected Courses

Church Security and Safety Training

Church Security training, Church Safety training, Church safety and security team training

Churches can be vulnerable to attacks because of their "open door" policies, outreach programs and dynamic change in society.  There are certain steps that can be taken to minimize risk, liability and becoming helpless victims. 

We are a faith based company founded on the growing need for the increase of church security and the reduction of liability. Favored by church insurance underwriters and providers, we have trained safety and security teams throughout Ohio with development, verbal de-escalation, policy and procedures, pastoral protection, security systems, security video systems and the use of two-way radio communication.

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Advanced Firearm Training

Ohio CCW training, CCW classes, CCW certification, CCW, CCW training, Advanced CCW training

Advanced CCW training where the basic class left off.

Designed specifically for church safety teams or individuals who need to continue developing their defensive shooting skills, this course enhances your CCW skills.

Our Law Enforcement Instructors are active and or retired Police Officers who have carried firearms, used firearms, and train with firearms on a regular basis.  Our instructors know the liability, responsibility, and laws when it comes to carrying and using a firearm.

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About Us

Our Experience


Our consultants are vested in their profession.  Not only do they have the experience of their respected areas of profession, but they also serve as instructors, counselors and mentors in their profession. With over 42 years of combined experience in public safety, teaching, and consulting, you can rest assured that KMSC is able to meet the specific crime prevention training needs for yourself and your organization.

Our Approach


All of our business and organization courses are customized to your specific needs.  We believe in providing services that are customized to the individual needs of our customers.  Through classroom instruction, hands-on training, or scenario/role-play training, you will find our approach encompasses all methods of learning and instruction.  Best of all, we will come to your location if you can't come to ours.

Why Us?


Our company is comprised of full-time professionals in police, fire, EMS, and psychology.  Our consultants have been providing training and education seminars for years throughout Ohio and more.  We provide you with the tools and training necessary to protect yourself, your peers, and or your family.   

Areas of Expertise

Firearms Training

ccw, ohio ccw, mansfield ccw

Basic Ohio CCW certification training (Group of 5 or more)

Advanced firearms where your basic CCW class left off.

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Personal Protection

active shooter, self defense, verbal judo

Active Shooter, Verbal De-Escalation and Verbal Judo, Self-Defense, Residential Safety and Security Assessment 

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Businesses and Organizations

cpr, first aid, security, cctv

Business Communication and Customer Service De-Escalation, BLS CPR & First Aid, Facility Safety, Facility Security Assessment, Radio Communications, CCTV, Managing Aggressive Behavior

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Churches & Ministries


Ministry Facility Safety Assessment, Safety Team Development, Policy & Procedure Development, Children's Ministry Safety, Ministry Active Shooter, Ministry Firearms Team

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Course Schedules and Registration

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